BEWARE! Orange Cat Super Cute!

Orange cat found to be super cute in Woodward household.
More info will be provided when available. Keep eye out for extreme cuteness.
High levels of cuteness can lead to dangerous symptoms such as excessive social media posts, aww syndrome, and Pet's syndrome.

Last Seen Begging for Human Food

Jake, the orange cat was last seen begging for human food from his mother, Nicole.
He can be found by listening for a very distinct MEOW! as well as being pawed at while eating.
May also be asleep in a corner with blankets, or terrorizing locals for affection.
Do not give the cat food. He is a spoilt brat, and won't eat it anyway.

Making cute, yet bold statements.

Jake, the lovable household feline said this morning that Meow meow, meow meow meow! MEOW! Which is translated as being Give me food, I don't
care if I don't actually want scrambled eggs.
He does however want to throw them on the floor for you to pick up. I told you he wouldn't actually eat it.

Suspect's Mugshot

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